3E HOUSE - Authentic Canadian Homes

Backed by years of research and experience, the 3e HOMES exemplifies what consumers want most: comfort, quality, affordability, durability, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The "house as a system" approach creates comfortable, durable homes that support the health of their occupants, while using fewer resources. We can help you choose and install building materials that are meant to keep the air clean, and tiles that have a low emission of fumes, paints and adhesives, wood or tile flooring, solid wood cabinets, decorations and plinths.

Housing designs

Canadian housing designs, products and systems demonstrate the high levels of quality, energy efficiency and indoor comfort that consumers demand—and the adaptability to meet the specific needs of almost any housing market.


Modern Canadian housing systems and associated building products are capable of withstanding decades of the harshest conditions, from temperatures of +35ºC to -40ºC, to winddriven rain, snow and ice


Canadian houses and components deliver a variety of essential benefits, including energy efficiency, durability and moisture control, indoor air quality, barrier-free and adaptable design and sound insulation.


Canadian homes are designed and built to withstand fire and delay it in several ways, including: wood and steel structural assemblies
that must be enclosed with fire-resistant gypsum board, interior cladding that must exhibit a low flame spread rating


Canadian indoor air solutions include: heating systems that eliminate the entry of combustion gases, mechanical systems which supplies fresh, filtered air to all living spaces while exhausting moist, stale air from bathrooms and kitchens


Increase the amount of natural light entering a house through the careful placement of properly designed windows, skylights and light wells